Top Findings

Our Mission Gap research has taught us many things about the ways we need to communicate if we want to inspire a massive movement of Jesus followers. Many of our discoveries were different from one culture or location to the next, but there were a few themes which were present everywhere—so we need to pay special attention.


The following tips are based on common feedback from around the globe.


Speak Plainly

Christians worldwide fundamentally understand that they are called to share the love of Christ throughout the world, and they use simple and plain language to talk about it. Not once did we hear a focus group participant say that they were called to “utilise integral mission strategies,“ or “bring the Gospel to the least-reached.” If we use the words and phrases they are familiar with, we can open the door for deeper conversation.


Be Specific

Christians know what they are supposed to do, and why they are supposed to do it. The greater barrier relates to how, when and where. Whenever possible, we should be more specific when communicating about needs and opportunities to serve. We should also be specific about the type of training and support which we can provide as they step into the new role.

Problems that Inspire

Christians will only be interested in our cause if we’re focused on addressing a problem they care about. Our rebellion from God is the cause of so many world problems today, but it might be the daily realities of those problems in the lives of God’s children which inspire action.


Our Mission Gap research presented Christians with the problems of our world in FIVE common ways, and we learned which perspectives inspire action.

Rebuilding - Philippines-sm

Problems that Connect

The following THREE messages connected strongly with Jesus followers for how they think about the problems of the world. Don’t think of these as phrases to copy and paste, but as a way of framing specific mission needs and opportunities to those you wish to inspire.

Separation from God Hurts the World
Humanity’s separation from God has left the world with terrible consequences of our rebellion. Rejection of the Creator and of His ways leaves people on their own and without hope.

The World is Broken
Something is very wrong with our world. It was not designed to be like this. Injustice and widespread hurt are too common for so many innocent people. This is not how humanity was created to live.

So Much More is Possible
People are not living abundantly with fulfilled, fruitful lives. They choose to compromise what is right, give in to worldly pressures, ignore what could be and ultimately forfeit the positive significance they were made for.


Other Tested Problems

The following TWO problem messages did not connect well with Jesus followers in most cultures.

Global Division is Rampant
People not only look out for their own interests, but aggressively impose them upon others. Human respect and dignity are lost as people put themselves above their communities, neighbourhoods, schools and even families.

No Choice. No Freedom.
In some places of the world men, women and children don’t have the opportunity to choose how to live, love or worship. They are kept from knowledge of how to live a better life, they live in bondage with no choice for a better future. No hope. No options. No freedom.

Solutions that Inspire

Do you know which themes connect best with the people you’d like to see join God’s mission in the world? Our Mission Gap research revealed phrases that inspire, some that discourage, and even some that generate little to no response of any kind. Just as Christ approached men on a boat and invited them to be “fishers of men,” this research can help direct the way we invite Believers into His mission.


For this part of the research, we tested SIX common themes often used to motivate Jesus followers for prayer, service or support of Christ’s mission.


Solutions that Inspire

The following THREE messages connected strongly with Jesus followers for presenting missions as a solution to world problems. Of course, results varied by culture. Don’t think of these as phrases to copy and paste, but as a way of framing your message to inspire.

Jesus is the Example
In all things good and right, Jesus is the best example. We look to His standard for inspiration to carry light and hope to the world. Only through His example and by His grace, His word and His power may we transform lives.

At Any Cost
Our conviction to follow Jesus fuels our passion to love the world no matter what. We will go to any length, cross any boundary, and strive to reach every person in order to share the hope that can only be found in Him.

You are Uniquely Shaped
Every person who has chosen to follow Jesus was specially made to help fulfil His greater purpose. Every facet of who we are and where God has placed us should guide an authentic response for spreading His good news to others.

Darwish mosque, Amman Jordan.

Other Tested Solutions

The following THREE messages did not connect well with Jesus followers in most cultures.

Innovative Missions
There is a new way to address the world’s problems. It is clear that former methods alone are no longer effective, and only by being bold with new, creative solutions can we make a difference for His kingdom.

We Enable Disciples to Thrive
We are built to help every Jesus follower find their place in the greatest cause in the history of the world—sharing the love of Jesus. We prepare, excite and unleash others to boldly live for His name where it is not yet worshipped.

High-level Mission
We live out the same mission that Jesus has been carrying since He first created mankind. That is to genuinely love the world with urgency, loyalty and fearless passion so that hope and fulfilment may be shared with all.

As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew. They were casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. “Come, follow me,”Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” At once they left their nets and followed him.

Matthew 4:18-20 (NIV)

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