“I know what I’m supposed to be doing…I’m supposed to be preaching the Word, but I don’t do it. I don’t feel comfortable…”


“We are ambassadors of Christ. So we have to represent the Lord here.”


“(I am) an average Christian who doesn’t believe so extremely in God.”


“[Jesus] said we should go into the world to preach the Word. So if you are a Christian, as I am, it’s your duty as a command by the Lord to evangelise—to reap souls for Him.”


"I think it is very important you firstly behave like a Christian, so people can appreciate it and understand your behaviour, and then they might be more interested in getting to know the religion."

—Hong Kong

“(The Good News) was given to us so we should probably take care of it.”


The main barriers that keep Jesus followers from engaging the Great Commission can be represented by three words:




Do Christians around the world understand the Great Commission?

The majority of Jesus followers around the world appear unaware that they have a responsibility to share Jesus. Many believe it is only the role of “missionaries,” ministry workers or full time clergy.

What stops Christians from following the Great Commission?

Across countries and continents, a common barrier to missional activity and service among focus group participants was fear—fear of sacrifice, fear of failure and fear of safety.

What messages inspire Christians for the Great Commission?

Research participants were clear: they are interested in causes that address problems they care about, via methods that inspire them.

What does it mean for your ministry?

The following report is designed to help you better understand the Mission Gap within your church or ministry, and identify the most effective ways to inspire your congregation for the Great Commission.
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Bridging the Mission Gap

The comprehensive global report with case studies and tools to apply key learnings within the context of your own church or ministry.

Research Methodology

United Kingdom
United States

Each focus group was conducted live in the local language of the participants and moderator.


  • Were self-identified Christians.
  • Met local criteria which defined active church participation.
  • Represented a wide range of demographics.


  • Were from top consumer research firms in their respective countries.
  • Implemented methods recognised as best-practice.
  • Did not share the purpose of the research or the funding organisation.

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For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works.

Ephesians 5:2 NIV